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The first song she ever wrote was 'Lucky You'.

Taylor and her best friend Abigail were Chewbacca for Halloween 2007.

Her favorite color is white. She is aware that it's a boring color but she says "but, now, think a flowing white cotton skirt blowing in the wind".

Her favorite sport is hockey, but only watching it. She is apparently not good at sports.

She loves to drive fast.

Her favorite place is anywhere around a creek.

Her favorite season is summer.

Her favorite movie is Love Actually.

She loves playing the guitar, as well as the piano.

She is the first artist to have an album go platinum on Big Machine Records.

She won a national poetry contest in 4th grade.

Has written over 200 songs.

She is only the second country artist to appear on the cover of Blender magazine.

Most people think Taylor's tattoo on her foot is real. However it is not! She promised that if her album ever went double platinum, she would. But now she's changed her mind because she doesn't want it to affect her role model status.

Wouldn't quit practicing guitar until her fingers bled or her mom called her in for dinner.

Taylor's lucky number is 13

She is the last person to win the CMA Horizon Award while it was under that name.

Her ideal outfit is a sundress and cowboy boots

Law And Order: SVU and CSI are her favorite TV shows

She is the only female country artist in history to write or co-write every song on a platinum selling debut

Taylor's must have item on the road is black eyeliner

She is godmother to Kellie Pickler's cat, Pickles

Taylor's myspace is the #2 most viewed myspace site for all country artists!

Her video for the song "Tim McGraw" currently holds the longest record for a video consistently in GAC's Top Twenty Countdown.

Taylor is the youngest person to be honored as Songwriter/Artist of the Year by the Nashville Songwriters Association International. The award was voted on by her song-writing peers.

Taylor is the youngest person to single-handedly write and sing a number-one country single entirely on her own.

When Taylor wanted to make decisions, her point of reference is the 6-year-old girl in the front row of her concert

She loves wearing bracelets

Taylor is a Def Leppard Freak

Taylor loves black and white pictures.

Taylor swift is the first celebrity to star on the cover of Justine Magazine.

The second song Taylor Swift wrote is called "The Outside."


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